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Welcome to “Lips with a Cause” (LWAC), a Lip line to raise awareness. I believe that life and death is in the power of the tongue, and I choose life, by choosing life I have decided to intentionally speak life into the lives of others. I created this lip line in 2013 as a way to spread awareness of Ovarian & Breast cancer, because both diseases have affected my family and these two diseases have the highest mortality rates among African American Women. I will be sharing facts about these diseases, the signs to look out for, why you should get yearly checkups, and how early detection can save your or a loved one's life. “Lips with a Cause” (LWAC) will also talk about other health and wellness topics such as issues that affect the African American communities, as well as mental health, women's health, and financial health on my Blog.


My brand isn't only geared towards woman's health and wellness, this will be a learning hub for men as well. Often times we hear that African American Women are the least protected in the world, and because I do believe this to be true, I will be sharing tips and insight to our men, on how to be supportive to the women in their lives that face these obstacles everyday. Whether you are a Husband, Father, Brother, Cousin, Uncle or Friend, the woman around you should always feel safe and well protected, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually . You will get an inside scoop on how some of us women think, what we may need during our healing process and how to care for your Daughters when Mom isn't around. Ladies I got us! while still sticking to our Girl Code, my goal is to have the men in our lives understand us a little bit better! 

In 2020 I also release "Live With a Cause", it shares the same business model of Lips With a Cause with spreading awareness, but it is more geared towards business coaching, buying black and the importance of circulating currency in our own community to build up our community and encourage ownership.


A 100% of the sale proceeds from your purchase, will go towards putting together yearly community "health and wellness" events. Thank you in advance for your contribution. I look forward to making a difference in the lives of many, with the love and support from you.  I appreciate every individual who have supported me along the way and those who will support my companies in the near future.

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